How to Apply

Choosing a school implies a long-term commitment between the school, the student and the family. That is why the Hamelin-Laie International School admissions process aims to provide an opportunity for both the parents and the school to gain knowledge about each other and decide whether the school is the right choice for their child.

Our school is devoted to the principle of equal opportunity in education. To be the right school for your child, and in order to fulfill the school’s mission of providing education in an international environment and through English, some factors may be taken into account such as an applicant’s prior educational and linguistic background. For this purpose, fluency in English will be taken into consideration according to their educational stage. 

To apply to Hamelin-Laie International School, please complete our Online Application Form



  • Tutor’s report:This report should provide details about the student’s academic record as well as general behaviour.



  • Form tutor’s report:This report should provide details about the student’s academics as well as their general behaviour.
  • Latest trimester marks and final marks from the previous academic year.
  • Pass the in-class assessment:We evaluate the student’s general English, Spanish, Catalan, and Maths level. The assessment can be done in person at our school (9:30-11:30) or by videoconference.



  • Form tutor’s report: This report should provide details about the student’s academics as well as their general behaviour and attitude as a student.
  • Latest trimester marks and their final marks from the previous academic year.
  • Motivation letter: The student should submit a motivation letter which establishes their motives for studying in our school. In this letter, the student should state their study habits, level of autonomy, extracurricular activities, participation in competitions, volunteer campaigns, or any other relevant item.
  • English certification (Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL) corresponding to the student’s level or pass internal English level exam: This oral and written exam is used to evaluate the student’s general English level.
  • Personal interview: Consists of a conversation between the student and the Academic Director.


Acceptance and offer of place

A letter of acceptance or rejection will be sent shortly after the process has been completed.

The place offer will be subject to the payment of the corresponding fees within a timeline. If the payment is not completed by the identified deadline, the place will be lost.


Waiting Pool

Even though the applicant has completed the process successfully, there may not be any vacancies available. In these cases, the application will become part of the school waiting pool, that will be reviewed when a vacancy occurs.


Admissions refusal

The school reserves the right to refuse admissions if it considers the school is not the appropriate environment for the applicant’s development, such as:

  • The Admissions committee deems that the school is not the right place for an applicant (language or academic profile).
  • Required documentation as per admissions procedures is not provided.

It is a condition of any offer that the parents/guardians have given all the information relevant to the application, including details of their academic performance, behavioural and/or social problems. If it is discovered that information has been withheld, the applicant’s placement may be withdrawn.


Jessica Rodríguez

Head of Admissions