Academic year 2021-2022

At this stage of learning, students are given more independence and freedom regarding their education. Their tutors and families guide and support them in class selection to ensure they make the right decisions. 

The Baccalaureate programme lasts for two academic years. Its purpose is to develop our students into mature and intellectual young people, who are knowledgeable regarding the skills required to perform their social roles. With this preparation, our students will face higher education with great confidence and maximum opportunity for success.  

Bachillerato Nacional is split into three different categories:

  • Artistic 
  • Scientific-Technological
  • Humanistic-Social Sciences
How do I build my bachillerato?

Bachillerato consists of 3 major blocks:

  • Common subjects: Students need to complete these independently of the bachillerato they have chosen. The main purpose is to provide students with greater general knowledge and broader skills.
  • Classified subjects: These subjects are specialized to work alongside the area of knowledge that the students have chosen. Based on the bachillerato they have chosen, they will have different subjects (Scientific-Technological, Humanistic-Social Sciences or Artistic.) The student must choose 4 classified subjects. 
  • Research: In both years of the baccalaureate it is obligatory that students carry out an independent investigation through undertaking an in-depth study related to one of the subjects. The average of the obtained qualifications in the subjects of 1st and 2nd baccalaureate is 90% of the academic mark. The remaining 10% will be added on from the research project.

The final given mark, which acts as the key to higher education, is calculated as shown:

  • 60%: Academic record (marks, etc.) from the school.
  • 40%: University Access Test.


Bachillerato Framework

To download all the details and subject choices, please see ->  Estructura Bachillerato



We seek to generate critical thinking young minds with fully developed learning skills through means of active and motivating methods. Traditional lessons are combined with research to prepare students to reflect, compare, conclude and contemplate.

Project work

We use project work as an essential part of the curricula (students work on a project for each and every subject every term). This is the key to learning the necessary skills to let our students reach the academic objectives intended.


Curriculum is taught mainly in Spanish and Catalan, English Language & Literature and Audio-visual culture are taught in English.