Diversity and Inclusion Committee

At Hamelin-Laie, we value diversity, inclusion and equity. We are proud of our commitment to building & sustaining a school community where parents, students, teachers and school staff achieve the knowledge, skills and attitudes that value and embrace inclusiveness.

As an international school, we are committed to the IB principles and values that are reflected in our school mission.


The aims of the committee are:

  • To address any type of bias, stereotyping and absent of perspective in any areas of the curriculum.
  • To use an extensive range of strategies to enrich the teaching and learning process.
  • To provide learning opportunities for students in order to develop an understanding of themselves, so they fully comprehend the uniqueness of all human beings.
  • To promote critical thinking and reflection as a way to understand multiple perspectives.
  • To foster equal access and opportunities to ALL students to fully participate and contribute to school life.


Please email our committee diversidad@escolessas.com if you have any concerns or queries.



Committee Members

Mireia Rosas


Samanta Sas


Jordi Morcillo