Musical education has always been linked to the concept of integral development of the human being and creativity.  The school has a large music program that goes from within the curriculul to extracurricular activities.

The program aims are:

– To learn the basic technique of an instrument and to acquire the initial musical knowledge to be able to enjoy music in individual and in group practice and thus to develop aspects like patience, attention and concentration.

– To set up performances that allow students to understand and enjoy the work they do together

– To educate the ear and musical sensitivity to enhance the students’ approach to musical art.

– To convey to all students to be sensitive to each other, respect themselves and respect their environment and develop social skills or interpersonal relationships such as collaborative work, tolerance, solidarity, intercultural knowledge or simply leisure.

– To teach that we are all different, that differences can be interesting and have to be respected, that the students can learn from their peers and that cooperating with them is better than competing.

-We use our own books:

Grades 6th, 7th and 8th

The training offer of the music department is made concrete in the inclusion of the study of an instrument and the instrumental formation of a group in a Big Band (one per class) within the school hours of the students. It is a subject that bases its learning in a fundamentally practical way.


Wind Section: Trumpet (Bb), Rod Trombone and Alto Sax

Rhythm section: Piano, Bass and Drums.

(Students are free to choose which instrument they prefer to play from the wind section and in the case of the rhythm section, for logistical reasons, the number of players are reduced to one per instrument.)


With the goal of continuity in the activity of playing in a Big Band, the center has created the Hamelin-Laie Big Band formed with students who wish to expand their dedication.

If you want to hear how it sounds: Link to video of the Big Band playing The Spectacular Spider-Man intro

Extracurrilar music activities

Individual classes:

The instruments that the center offers extracurricular are: Piano, Guitar, Ukelele, Bass, Drums, Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin and Cello. Classes can be of either half an hour or one hour.

Group classes:

-Guitar group (between 2 and 4 students).

-Combo classes (small groups of students of the same level).

-Little Sections: Focused for primary students who want to start playing trumpet, sax or guitar